Rivendell TestBed

This is a test site to excercise Rivendell functionality. Before performing a test run check this is all as you expect. In particular ensure you are testing the correct version of Rivendell.

The important settings....

Property Setting
Rivendell version 2.8.29.RC4
Tomcat start up script encoding UTF-8
Connector URIEncoding (conf/server.xml) UTF-8
Config bean encoding (rivendell.xml) UTF-8
Request encoding (CharacterEncodingFilter) UTF-8

Other information

Property Setting
Java version 1.8.0_131-b11
OS architecture amd64
OS name Windows Server 2016
OS version 10.0
SUN JNU encoding Cp1252
Java AWT Headless? true
Server info Apache Tomcat/8.5.15
Servlet engine 3.1
JSP engine 2.3
Catalina HOME C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5
Catalina BASE C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 8.5
AntiSamy v1.4.1-SNAPSHOT
getRealPath("") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\
getRealPath("/") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\
getRealPath("tests") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\tests
getRealPath("tests/") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\tests\
getRealPath("/tests") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\tests
getRealPath("/tests/") C:\www\htdocs\test.utf8\ROOT\tests\

JSP/HTML information

Property Setting
Response encoding UTF-8
Meta element UTF-8
Actual file format (for JSPs etc.) Should be UTF-8 (manually verify!)
JSP pageEncoding parameter Should be UTF-8 (manually verify!)

Java environment dump

Header dump