Before performing a test run reload the config bean and then ensure all sections/view are correctly configured and none require re-generation.

Reload config bean.

Sections (66)

Section Status Action
Adminlink_section   Reload
Anonymousfieldsettests   Reload
Associations_section   Reload
Badfieldnametests   Reload
Childmetatests   Reload
Dbsearchtests   Reload
Defaulttests   Reload
Fieldrestrictiontests   Reload
Formattests   Reload
Headless   Reload
Hiddenchildsection   Reload
Hiddenparentsection   Reload
Imagetests   Reload
Indexed_section   Reload
Labeltests   Reload
Labeltests2   Reload
Labeltests3   Reload
Md5tests   Reload
Metatests   Reload
Mixedfieldsettests   Reload
Module_section   Reload
Moreorderingtests   Reload
Moretests   Reload
Multiplefiltertests   Reload
Multipleuploadtests   Reload
Nulltests   Reload
Orderingtests   Reload
Orphanedworkflowxtratests   Reload
Orphanedworkflowxtratests2   Reload
Overwritemultipleuploadtests   Reload
Overwriteuploadtests   Reload
Recaptchatests   Reload
Requiredhandlingtests   Reload
Restrictionusers   Reload
Scopeduniqueworkflowxtratests   Reload
Scopeduniqueworktests   Reload
Scopeduniqueworktests2   Reload
Scopeduniqueworktests3   Reload
Scopeduniqueworktests4   Reload
Sectionrestrictiontests   Reload
Securitytests   Reload
Sub_section1   Reload
Sub_section2   Reload
Sub_section3   Reload
Sub_section4   Reload
Sub_section5   Reload
Taggings1   Reload
Tags1   Reload
Tagtest1   Reload
Tests   Reload
Transactiontests   Reload
Transcoded_videos   Reload
Uniquereftests   Reload
Uniquetests   Reload
Uniqueworkflowxtratests   Reload
Uploadtests   Reload
Veryindexed_section   Reload
Videotests   Reload
Visiblechildsection   Reload
Visibleparentsection   Reload
Workflowedlogintests   Reload
Workflowedlogintests_draft   Reload
Workflowformeletests   Reload
Workflowxtrapasswordtests   Reload
Workflowxtratests   Reload
Yetmoretests   Reload

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imagetests_view   Reload