Specific tests: File upload via tag

This tests that you can successfully upload a file when using the Insert tag rather than going through UpdateServlet.

It also checks to see if there is a difference between POSTing to a JSP directly and when going through wrapped forwards (i.e. like Xanadu2 does).

Lastly it checks to see that you can upload files using param names that are different to the database field name thet will be stored in.

Overview of test process

  1. Upload a file
  2. Test the link on the following page to ensure the file is accessible
  3. Upload another file (this time the form posts to a wrapped JSP)
  4. Test the link on the following page to ensure the 2nd file is accessible
  5. Upload two more files and check following page to ensure both upload correctly
  6. Edit one of the new records using UpdateServlet and ensure everything works as expected

Repeat the process using a different overwrite option to fully test the system.

Step 1: Upload file

Overwrite off
Overwrite on