Taglib tests: SagePay crypt tag

This page tests that rivendell is correctly handling sagepay encryption. It relies on a sagepay.properties file being present within the WEB-INF/classes folder that contains a name value pair referenced by the key attribute in the usage of the tag on this page.


Test Expected Actual Result
Ensure tag content encrypted correctly DDAhHi4LHxMTGw08VVotHDk0eBl1THkNYxJbO19acBxrNywfJ0l6WjQXXGBRTgsPKSEgFyQLDiYxHQVkCQY8EjU7NjovHD8TJAYIdwYNPA== DDAhHi4LHxMTGw08VVotHDk0eBl1THkNYxJbO19acBxrNywfJ0l6WjQXXGBRTgsPKSEgFyQLDiYxHQVkCQY8EjU7NjovHD8TJAYIdwYNPA== PASS